Dogs want to learn

They have evolved from wolves.  We have bred them to do certain tasks.  One of our jobs as loving owners is to give them a job and to teach them what we want from them.  Just as we should learn something each day, we need to continue to teach our dogs as well!

As of January 2019, there will now be a $45 non-refundable deposit required to hold your spot in an upcoming class. This must be paid either via paypal or check (mailed to my address). The fee will be taken off the total of the course when orientation class is held. 

Obedience Classes

12 week obedience course, classes are held once a week.

New classes usually begin around the last week of each month.  The day in which the class or classes will be held, depends on which month they begin.

This is a 12 week comprehensive obedience course that covers all the basics and much more.  In total   there are 16 different commands as well as proofing (testing) your dog to ensure they understand and can perform them consistently. This class is designed for the owners that want the most out of their dog(s).  Most people that take this course and have tested for CGC (Canine Good Citizen) found the test quite easy.  If you would like your dog to be well behaved in public situations, this is the class for you.  There is a lot of homework involved with this class, so be prepared to spend time working with your dog daily.  The price for this course is $295.

We will meet at Vinland Park (on Gettysburg just east of Maple by the 168 overpass) a week before the orientation class to start walking your dogs the proper way. This way you can start to see how simply changing the walk will begin to change the dog.

After the walking class we will meet at my facility for a 2 1/2 - 3 hour orientation class. Anyone who is involved with working the dog should at the minimum attend the orientation so that the household is on the same page. This class covers animal behavior (why dogs do what they do), communicating with them, nutrition, as well as being looked at as the leader by the dog. I will send each client a list of things you will need for the class for the obedience portion of the classes. The orientation class is the only one that the dog doesn't attend.

Your dog must be a minimum of 4 months of age and current on their vaccinations to attend the classes.  There are no breed or size restrictions for class. If your dog has severe aggression issues you may be required to have your dog wear a basket muzzle in class. We can discuss the need for a muzzle after the walking class.

Private Lessons
Private training begins with an initial consultation where you will have your dog evaluated in it’s comfortable home environment.
We will discuss your training goals and assess behavior problems.
Any and all behavior or obedience problems can be worked on.
Potty training, proper heeling, boundary issues, food aggression, fear aggression.  Whatever the issue, we can come up with a plan for your specific needs to resolve the issue.
$75/hour in the Fresno/Clovis area.
If I have to travel outside of the immediate city area, I charge a travel fee of $.60/mi. 

Puppy Behavior Modification
If you have just brought your new puppy home, you may be wondering what you have gotten yourself into. 
Puppies present different problems than adult dogs. 
Chewing and barking are normal puppy behaviors but can turn into bad habits and can evolve into more severe issues. 
Potty training is a huge concern for most people as well. 
These and many other concerns are covered in a 2 hour session. 
THIS IS NOT OBEDIENCE.  Puppies can’t grasp formal obedience generally till they are 4 months old.
This will be teaching your puppy proper behavior the way an adult in the pack would teach them and giving you tools to make your puppy understand you. 
$75-2 hour session. 


Once your dog has completed the course, you will be qualified for boarding with me where your dog will have all day socialization with my dogs and other graduates of the class. Your dog will have access to the yard all day.
The facility is safe and very dog friendly, with a large area to run and play on, plenty of shade, a kiddie pool in the warmer months and occasional activities including bike rides or walks/runs at parks. 
You can check on your dog daily through Facebook.  There is almost always a picture of some activity going on here daily.
Each dog will sleep indoors in a crate. 
The dogs must be current on their vaccinations. 
The owner must provide the dog’s food.

It’s strongly recommended that a blanket be provided for the stay to make the dog have something familiar. 
All owners must fill out a vet care form in case of an emergency and turn in form at drop off time.
Each dog will have proper reinforcement of the commands they have learned in class. 

For every person you refer that takes the class, you receive a free day of boarding.
The cost for boarding is $45/day (7 days or more $40/day)

Daycare is offered for graduates of the class to provide a safe and social gathering for dogs to play and interact in a calm manner.
The pack is with me and supervised throughout the day.
Activities range from bike rides or ventures to a park.
Drop off time for daycare is between 7:00 am – 8:00 am.
Pick up time for daycare is between 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm.
The price for daycare is $25/day.

Ariel L. 
“I came to Peacemaker Dog Training because I was having overprotection issues w/my dog. Plus he was not good on a leash, & he would bark/lunge at other dogs. Scott gave me the tools I needed to train my dog, & now he walks great on a leash & doesn't bark or lunge. I actually enjoy walking my dog now. Scott covered so much more in his classes than any other trainer I've been too. He's very patient, & wants you to succeed w/your dog. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for dog training."
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