Client Reviews and Testimonials:

Brandon & Nicole M

“Complete turn around for our Darcy! Wouldn't recommend anyone else!!” 

Suzanne R.

“Scott was an awesome trainer who helped our whole family work with our dogs. He even took the time to come to our house and work with us one on one for several hours before we started the class. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a trainer who is caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, and who is available as much and as often as you would need not just the one hour a week classes. He truly will be there fit any questions or concerns you have on a daily basis and service with such dedication is very hard to come by.” 

Rick M.
"Scott you are the best. Simon has gone from every dog wants to kill him to every dog wants to play in eight short months"

Christina S.

“Scott- I greatly appreciate your patience, knowledge, and very useful dog obedience skills. Bear is better dog and I am a happier dog mom.













I look forward to dropping in once a month in order for us to maintain our newly acquired skill set. Blessings!” 

Sarah J.
“When I adopted Charlie, we were sure he had been abused. Charlie bonded easily with my daughter and I and got along well, with my other dogs, but would not trust men. Every time my husband or sons would walk in the room, Charlie would charge them, barking furiously. He never laid a tooth on anyone though, until a foster dog that was staying with us attacked him.
After that, Charlie no longer trusted his brother Brittany, and the fights began. I got bitten once, trying to get them apart.  Then my daughter got bitten. Charlie had to have his face sewn together twice. Brittany Rescue couldn’t try to re-home him because he’d bitten a human, and my vet was beginning to talk about euthanasia. A local trainer tried to get Charlie and my husband to work together and gave up after one session. Then I found Scott’s card on a rack at my vet’s office.
We’ve been through two training classes, one for Charlie, and one for my other Britt, Murphy. Amazingly, Charlie turned out to be the star student. So much so that Charlie is now working as my Companion Service Dog. He goes to work with me, shops, and goes to restaurants, and if people notice he’s there at all, it’s to comment on what a well-behaved dog he is. He goes with me to visit my son, who is currently in a nursing facility, and visits with the staff and other patients. When my mother comments on what an excellent dog he is, I like to tease her about how she pestered me to “get rid of that crazy dog” for the first year I had him.
I’m so grateful for the training we got with Scott. I can walk my “Battling Britts” together again, and I’ve gained confidence in myself to be a real pack leader to all my dogs.”

Toni G.
“I came to Peacemaker Dog Training desperate for some ideas for my dog, Grace. Great dog, but has issues with other dogs in public. After obedience class with Scott, I got my confidence back and am now the pack leader. We are still a work on progress, but because of Scott and his training sessions, I have reconnected with her and she is doing much better. Now if he could just help with my cat!!!!”

Kriss B.

“Murphy presented a special challenge during our training lessons.  He is very sensitive and wasn't responding well to the usual methods. 

Well, Scott made it his mission to understand Murphy and went above and beyond with him.  Murphy is doing great and so much more confidence now.  I wouldn't trust my dogs with anyone else!”

Andrei S.
“Scott and Peacemaker Dog Training classes did a wonderful job on training my Coco Channel to be more obedient and the best thing is that she barks less when people come to my home.  Me and my husband learned so much about disciplining Coco Channel along with rewarding her being a good girl…..Scott she still remembers her “Cush Cush” command…It was awesome to be taught by Scott since he teaches the skills and techniques with so much passion…Keep up the great job!! J” 

Chery M.
“Scott, you truly are a peacemaker! It's great to see Boy looking more relaxed with someone other than us! “

Schanila M.

"I believe that every pet-owner who has had troubles training their four-legged babies, will relate to this. My husband and I needed help with our German Shepherd. Those who own one know that this breed is very protective of their home and own people. Due to a lack of time, because of our sudden busy schedules, we lacked on giving our dog the consistency she needed to learn what we expected from her. I invested hours and dollars trying to find a trainer that would understand, not only what I needed but what my dog needed! Believe me when I say, that we had tried several highly recommended trainers in the Fresno area (I'm not going to mention any names) and it was all a bunch of money spent and poor to no results. I had almost reached to the conclusion that my dog was untrainable, because they made me believe that to some extent. I decided to give it one last shot... came across Peacemaker Dog Training doing an online search, spoke to the trainer on the phone... thought the price was pretty reasonable (especially if compared to what others ask for) and met him the same week. In a timeframe of 2 hours, and I am not exaggerating, my dog had learned to walk on the leash in a heel position, to sit down next to the trainer whenever he would stop walking, and to be around another dog without the need to get aggressive. It was the first time that a dog trainer was HANDS-ON and gave me results, instead of just giving me pamphlets of what I should rather do at home with my dog. The trainer explained the entire psychology behind my dog's behavior (and my own behavior towards my dog), and SHOWED me how to train my dog, step-by-step, while staying by my side. Not only has my German Shepherd changed for better, we did too! I recommend Peacemaker Dog Training over any other trainer in Fresno. Additionally, owners can leave their babies with the trainer for the day (like a day-care) and for those who travel, he takes care of them for the time you are absent and can't do it yourself. The difference, when compared to other facilities or "pet-hotels" is that Peacemaker offers a pet-friendly environment that literally feels like home. The dogs are NOT put in a glass-wall room for hours to "socialize" while people walk by, neither are they put inside a cage the rest of the time. Peacemaker provides a spacey backyard with freedom to play, run and socialize naturally, and takes them out for group walks while treating them with love."

Tonya D.

Tonya D.  "Our 5 dogs would be a lot to handle if it weren't for Scott". (This is the one that the picture of the 5 dogs should be in (they are currently in Brandon & Nicole review).






Kelly B.

"They love Scott.  He's helped their mama understand their needs and where the past mis-behaviors came from.  We have never been happier or as balanced since Scott fine tuned us...  His training is one of a kind.  Ruff". 



Heather H.
"We are so very thankful for your class! You absolutely know what you're talking about because over and over it worked with Cora. The understanding between the human and the dog is crucial and I've never met someone that gets it like you do... thank you Peacemaker!"

Ariel L.
“I came to Peacemaker Dog Training because I was having overprotection issues w/my dog. Plus he was not good on a leash, & he would bark/lunge at other dogs. Scott gave me the tools I needed to train my dog, & now he walks great on a leash & doesn't bark or lunge. I actually enjoy walking my dog now. Scott covered so much more in his classes than any other trainer I've been too. He's very patient, & wants you to succeed w/your dog. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for dog training."

Jennifer F.
“So sorry I had to miss the last class! But I wanted to say thank you for such a great time and good learning experience for Posey and me. Your energy and real interest in how each individual dog and handler were doing was refreshing...I've been through obedience classes where the trainer just goes through the motions and does not really pay attention nor care how their students are doing. We had a great time and Posey is a better canine citizen for it.

Lorie Hefley
"Scott is an excellent trainer. He's not training your dog, he's training you to train your dog. If you're not going to put the effort & or time into the information he gives you, you are wasting both your time & his!  However, if you do invest the time required, you will be thankful for both the wealth of info from Scott & the time you invest in your pet."  

Lynn A.
Hi Scott,

Just wanted to thank you again for everything! Stella loves her new toy! I really enjoyed your classes and we will highly recommend you to anyone in need of dog training. 

Thanks again.

Charles E.
"It was a pleasure working with and seeing such great dogs you have shaped yours into. I will continue to strive to have Baxter obedient in all categories. Thank you again for your help and dedication to helping us out..and no you haven't seen the last of us. Take care till then."

Peacemaker was absolutely wonderful to work with. No question asked was silly or pointless to them. I came with my 2 year old husky/lab mix who was afraid of everything in the world, and especially people. Peacemaker gave me the tools to encourage her to not have fear and did so in an environment that would push her comfort zones.

Taylor W.
She did well in class and with the tools I learned I have been able to continue her training. She now behaves on walks, does not run from everyone she sees and is a much more confident dog. We are able to take her backpacking with us, which she loves and she has started to be able to run next to my bike. Thank you for giving me the dog I always wanted!

Sarah Y. March

So today was Riley's first visit to the vet since training with you. He did amazing! We walked past 4 dogs and he didn't go crazy like before. Also when we came out of the exam a puppy was trying go after Riley, I stood in front of him and Riley didn't react at all!!!! I'm so happy I'm emotional!!

Thanks again! Sarah Y. March 2016